Wyrmstooth is an island north off the coast of Solitude in Skyrim. It is the setting of the Skyrim DLC-like Fan Mod of the same name.

Background and HistoryEdit

Many people came to the island in interest of mining the rich ore veins seeking their fortune, only to realize the great difficulty of mining. Many leave the island not much better off than when they first came. As a result, the island is literally littered with abandoned mine shafts left to decay; a nod to the true difficulty of mining and shattered dreams.

According to Lurius Liore, the entire island is essentialy one big volcanic crater. The temperature at the central part of the island would make an ideal location for a settlement weren't for the dangerous sulfur that surrounds it. Some try to brave the harsh environment at the risk of suffering lung damage from excessive inhalation of sulfur.

The island was also the resting place of a lich named Vulom, who was defeated by the Psijic Order during his rampage.

Major parts of the island is also littered with ancient ruins and strange flora such as Fungus Stalk and Elf Cup Cap. Bandits also operate in the island, trying to loot the ancient ruins while many end up falling prey to deadly traps. It is also an minor point of interest to the Stormcloaks.

It is also home to rich ore veins of two unique ores: Wyrmstone and Brimstone, with the latter being of tremendous value.

Major LocationsEdit

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