"Togaat Lahney. Follow if you can so that I may swallow you in the fury of the north wind." - Vulthurkrah



Vulthurkrah is a dragon and serves as the main antagonist of Wyrmstooth.


Little is known of Vulthurkrah, except that he has been terrorizing numerous settlements throughout Skyrim and Wyrmstooth at some point during the Fourth Era.


NOTE: This article contains spoilers. It is best to read with caution, or not at all.Edit

Dragon HuntEdit

He is first seen perched on a Word Wall in Ancient's Ascent. Instead of fighting, he asks the Dragonborn to head for the island of Wyrmstooth for the battle s/he seeks before flying away.

Barrow of the WyrmEdit

Vulthurkrah is seen again at the end of Dimfrost through Wyrmstooth Barrow. He explains to the Dragonborn his goal of raising an massive army of undead warriors to storm Tamriel in order to restore the age of the Dragons. He then raises all the dead adventurers littered in his lair to kill the Dragonborn and his party before flying away to attack the nearby Imperial Mining Settlement.

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