Retrieving Embersunder

Side Quest
Quest Giver Athir
Location Imperial Mining Settlement
Prerequisites Complete "Barrow of the Wyrm"
Level required N/A
Reward 200 Gold

Retrieving Embersunder is a quest available in Wyrmstooth. It can be initiated after the Dragonborn finishes the main questline for Wyrmstooth.


Athir requests that the Dragonborn retrieve Embersunder, a blade that he considers a family heirloom. The blade's last known location is at Hag's End, north-west of Haafingar Hold in Skyrim.

After the Dragonborn retrieves the blade, they can return to Athir for a reward.

Journal EntryEdit

Athir has asked me to find a sword called Embersunder. I should search the Forsworn camp at Hag's End as Athir suggested.

* Retrieve Embersunder.Edit

I have found the sword Embersunder for Athir. I should bring it to him when I get the chance.

* Return to Athir.Edit

I have given the sword Embersunder to Athir.

* Quest completeEdit