Lurius Liore
Lurius Liore

Race Imperial
Gender Male
Affiliation East Empire Company
Essential Always

"Let's just say, I'm not so well versed in the arts of war. No, my weapon of choice is the quill and parchment." - Lurius Liore

Lurius Liore is an Imperial in Wyrmstooth.

Biography and AttireEdit

Lurius was an representative of the East Empire Company and acting duty manager for all the mining operations in the island of Wyrmstooth. In his early years, he met and knew four mercenaries with exceptional talents whome he hired to deal with numerous problems relating to the company.

He also wrote a book explaining Wyrmstooth and it's unique 2 ores called Wyrmstone and Brimstone.

Lurius wears an unique, unobtainable set of clothes with an fur cape-like coat along with Fine Armguards and Pleated Boots.


Dragon HuntEdit

Lurius sends a letter to the Dragonborn via his personal assistant and courier Theodyn Bienne requesting that the Dragonborn assist Lurius in a matter involving a troublesome dragon. He tasks the Dragonborn in recruiting 4 special mercenaries who previously worked for him to assist the Dragonborn in hunting down the dragon.

After the failed ambush in Ancient's Ascent, the Dragonborn tells Lurius that the dragon wants the Dragonborn to follow him to the island of Wyrmstooth.

Though suspicious of a trap, Lurius states that they have little choice and decide to follow the dragon to Wyrmstooth by aquiring a vessel in the docks of Solitude and using it to travel to the mining island.

Barrow of the WyrmEdit

After arriving at Wyrmstooth, Lurius, along with the Dragonborn and the 4 mercenaries, travel to the nearby Imperial Mining Settlement. They discover that it has been attacked by the dragon prior to their arrival.

After lamenting the fate of the mining settlement and it's inhabitants, Lurius asks the dragonborn to travel to Wyrmstooth Barrow, a barrow in the far end of the island, to try and find the dragon's lair.

Should the Dragonborn choose to travel along with Lurius Liore, he will explain a short summary of Wyrmstooth and it's early days.

After some progress in the quest, Lurius takes his leave of the Dragonborn, stating that he needs to watch over the Imperial Mining Settlement in case the dragon should decide to attack the mining settlement once more.

After the Dragonborn narrowly survive an trap laid down by Vulthurkrah, Lurius meets up with him/her once more outside an exit from Dimfrost and informs the Dragonborn that the Empire has lost it's patience with their dragon hunt and decided to send an contingent of the Imperial Legion to 'speed things up'.

After realizing that the dragon Vulthurkrah wanted an army of undead to storm Tamriel by using those who have fallen, Lurius, the Dragonborn and the 4 mercenaries decide to return and defend the mining settlement from Vulthurkrah along with the contingent of the Imperial Legion.

After a long and grueling battle, the Dragonborn and his/her allies defeat Vulthurkrah, and Lurius congratulates and thank the Dragonborn for all the help as he lends the 10,000 gold bounty placed on the head of the dragon.