History of Wyrmstooth is a book found in the mod of the same name.

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History of Wyrmstooth


Casius Topellis

None can say exactly when, how, or by whom Wyrmstooth was first settled; history is, after all, at the brutal mercy of the elements and destructive political turmoil. However, by studying the remnants of the past, one may come to gleam of the understanding of the transpirations of an era long since forgotten.

Mining Ventures

Today most living at the mining settlement are employed into the service of the East Empire Company which established an presence on the island around 3E 433 during the Oblivion Crisis. While the island may be rich in ore, corundum being it's chief exploit, ebony is certainly not present in exorbitant quantities and as such operations at Wyrmstooth never saw the same surge as was seen in Raven Rock.

As far as the gross capital is concerned, the empire emphasized on numerous occasions a vested interest in maintaining EEC operations. But in contrast, on an almost yearly basis, the empire routinely cuts the number of soldiers stationed at Fort Moonwatch which now serves as the empire's one and only point of defense against pirates, bandits, smugglers, and other ne'er do well individuals. Initially Fort Valus was constructed to guard the southern-west flank of the island. Built around an old nordic structure, it proved to be too far away from the mining settlement to be able to provide immediate assistance in the event of a bandit raid and was subsequently abandoned.

The cataclysm of Red Mountain during 4E 5 saw a phenomenal disaster sweep across the north-eastern shores of Tamriel. Wyrmstooth was spared much carnage as most mining operations at the time were conducted on the western half of the island and the glaciers to the east shielded much of the island from destruction. Cragwater mine however, suffered substantial damage. Given it's low priority in terms of annual yield, the mine was never reclaimed by the EEC and has since fallen into the hands of bandits.

Wyrmstooth Barrow

The most notable feature standing prominently on the south-eastern corner of the island is the ancient nordic barrow, commonly referred to by the locals as simply Wyrmstooth Barrow. It's name in nordic tongue escapes most of us, though some nords claiming lineage to the families that built the barrow refer to it as Duaanjunaar. It should be stated that such lore is unverifiable without the ability to translate the carvings within the barrow.

On that note, it should also be stated that one should be wary of the draugr while traversong the corridors of the barrow in pursuit of scholarly interests. Wyrmstooth seems to have garnered some reputation among the adventuring cadre of Tamriel as a place to test one's meddle and my personal experience supports this bold claim. Tamriel is home to many dangerous crypts and ruins and Wyrmstooth Barrow certainly stands among them as exemplary. While most draugr remain to appear unresponsive to that which they do not consider a threat, a trail historian such as I would be quickly dispatched when exposed to a volley of superfluous force so caution is of the utmost imperative!


Local nords have also referred to an expansive cavernous geological structure below the island simply as Dimfrost. Given the volcanic nature of this location, the presence of a magma chamber deep below the steampools is plausible; perhaps emptied during an eruption long ago though volcanic activity from the island is far from dormant yet. While documented entrances into Dimfrost are sketchy, any such entrances from the surface are likely to disappear withing years of their discovery due to geological instability and frequent earthquakes that hinder mining operations. Still, this has given some adventurers the opportunity to explore this seldom-seen world beneath the surface., albeit brief at that.

Those that survived the trip and had made it back to the surface alive reported a cavern as deep as the sky is tall and filled with luminous mushrooms and crystalline lakes. They also tell tales of encounters with pale-skinned folk of elvish appearance but barbaric in demeanor that live within the extensive dwemer ruins.. Neither of these claims have yet to be verified through official scholarly channels, though future geological activity may yet yield opportunity to study this location with greater academic scrutiny. Certainly a significant dwemer presence here would confound much of what we have come to know about the distribution of dwemer across Tamriel. Their purpose here on the island certainly remains a mystery to this day, ne that certain organizations such as the Thalmor have expressed more than a casual interest in despite these reports of dwemer structures being little more than rumour and hearsay than documented academic information.

Final Resting Place

Finally it is important to mention the final resting place of Vulom, a wizard of ill-repute most infamously known for his transformation to Lich-dom using secret techniques derived from the sload - an act and an alliance severely frowned upon by the Mage's guild at the time as were other necromantic rituals and practices.

Vulom, whose name in life was said to be Raydn Malon, took his alias from the language of the dragon priests of old, of which I must express that I am not well versed in.. The word Vulom itself however is said to refer to darkness or shadows, apt given the type of magic the wizard dealt in. After several failed attempts by guild wizards, it is said that the Psijic order intervened directly, defeating the lich in open magical combat. As necromancers of such repute are rarely so readily dispatched, the remnants of his corpse, now all but scorched bones, were split up and scattered across the island so as to prevent a possible resurrection.

Little details remain about his personal life or what ties he was rumored to have with the famed necromancer Mannimarco. What remains of his tomb can be found on the south-western flank of the island close to the shore.

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