Dragon Hunt
Lurius Liore

Type Main Quest

Complete Dragon Rising

Reach Level 10

Reward None
Prerequisite Quest Dragon Rising
Next Quest Barrow of the Wyrm

Dragon Hunt is a quest available in Wyrmstooth. It serves as the starting point for the mod that leads to the mysterious island of Wyrmstooth itself.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

The quest progresses from top to bottom as the Dragonborn completes the objectives.

  • Recruit Athir
  • Return to Lurius Liore
  • Recruit Daenlit
  • Return to Lurius Liore
  • Recruit Shargam
  • Return to Lurius Liore
  • Recruit Elmera
  • Return to Lurius Liore
  • Find and defeat the Dragon
  • Return to Lurius Liore.
  • Quest Completed

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

After the Dragonborn has met the prerequisites, the Dragonborn will later be approached by a Imperial courier stating that the Dragonborn is requested to meet up with someone in The Bannered Mare.

The man whom the Dragonborn meets is an East Empire Company representative named Lurius Liore. Lurius states that he wants the Dragonborn's help in hunting down a troublesome dragon. He then asks that the Dragonborn find and recruit 4 special mercenaries with different backgrounds and exceptional talents to aid the Dragonborn in his/her endeavor.

The first mercenary that needs to be recruited is a former Alik'r warrior named Athir. Lurius states that his last known location was a ruin called Hag Rock Redoubt.

Recruiting AthirEdit

Athir can be found at Hag Rock Redoubt taking on the Forsworn. After defeating the nearby Forsworn, the Dragonborn should tell Athir that he is needed once more by Lurius Liore and to dead for The Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

After telling Athir, the Dragonborn should return to Lurius Liore and ask for information about the next mercenary.

Recruiting DaenlitEdit

The next mercenary that needs to be recruited is Daenlit, an elite bosmeri Ranger who was recently incarcerated in Solitude at the Castle Dour Dungeons. Since Lurius stats that the Dragonborn cannot break her out by paying her bounty, he/she must attempt to break her out in another way.

Daenlit can be found locked up in one of the dungeons. One should bring plenty of lockpicks, as Daenlit can be usually found locked up in a cell with a Master-level locked door.

Once unlocking the cell, the Dragonborn should tell Daenlit to meet up in Whiterun like Athir. After informing her, the Dragonborn should return to Lurius for the next mercenary to be recruited.

Recruiting ShargamEdit

The next mercenary that needs to be recruited is an Orc Berserker named Shargam, who is located at the Gloombound Mine in Narzulbur, in the east of Skyrim within Eastmarch.

Since Gloombound Mine is part of an orc stronghold, the Dragonborn cannot be granted entry until he/she has been deemed a blood-kin to the Orcs, so caution is advised. One can earn the title of blood-kin by helping out any Orc outside the stronghold and asking them for any known orc strongholds.

If the Dragonborn is already a blood-kin, he/she then can simply make his/her way to Gloombound Mine and recruit Shargam for the dragon hunt. After recruiting him, the Dragonborn should return to Lurius Liore for the next mercenary that needs to be recruited.

Recruiting ElmeraEdit

The last mercenary that needs to be recruited is an Altmer Warlock named Elmera. Her last known location was the ruins of Alftand, an dwarven ruin in the north of Skyrim.

The Dragonborn now must make their way through Alftand's ruined tower and find Elmera. After recruiting Elmera, the Dragonborn should return to Lurius Liore for the next objective.

Find and defeat the dragonEdit

After gathering all 4 mercenaries, Lurius states that the dragon they're about to hunt was last seen at Ancient's Ascent, south-east of Falkreath.

The Dragonborn then should make their way to Ancient's Ascent and confront the dragon.

Instead of fighting, the dragon instead tells the Dragonborn to make their way to an place called Wyrmstooth, an island north off the coast of Solitude before the dragon flees.

Return to Lurius LioreEdit

The Dragonborn should then return to The Bannered Mare to inform Lurius of what happened. After he/she tells Lurius of the dragon's request, Lurius then decides to follow the dragon to the island of Wyrmstooth despite the possibility that they're being lured into a trap.

This completes the quest and begins the Barrow of the Wyrm.