Race Nord
Gender Male
Affiliation None
Essential Always

"I saw a mudcrab the other day..."

Alberthor is a Nord mage found in Wyrmstooth Temple during the quest Barrow of the Wyrm.


Barrow of the WyrmEdit

Alberthor is first seen upon entering the second chamber of the Barrow. Unwelcoming at first, he will eventually ease down when the Dragonborn tells him of their Dragon Hunt.

To proceed any further into the barrow, Alberthor asks the Dragonborn to mind-control a draugr and manipulate it to open a switch that opens the path to the third chamber.

Later, Alberthor will arrive after the Dragonborn reaches the 'entrance' to Dimfrost, which is actually an very long hole to an extinct volcano. He will inform that the only way down to Dimfrost is through the long fall to the hole.

He will later follow and temporarily accompany the Dragonborn in his/her travels through an mind-controlled Falmer. Alberthor will then leave the Dragonborn's party once they reach the main part of Dimfrost's main structure, remarking that he has reached the limits of his mind control spell.

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