A Howl Load of Trouble
Type Side Quest


Reward Faelor as a pet
Prerequisite Quest None
Next Quest None

A Howl Load of Trouble is a quest available in Wyrmstooth.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  • Find Dunyick's wolf Faelor
  • Return to Dunyick
  • Elimnate the bandits that killed Dunyick

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Dunyick, a hunter residing in his own camp, asks the Dragonborn for his/her aid in finding his pet wolf Faelor, who fled into the wilderness after the former was attacked by bandits and left for dead in his camp.

Faelor is located east of Fort Valus and can be easily distinguished from other wolves by her rust-colored pelt. The Dragonborn should command her to accmpany him/her and return to Dunyick in his camp.

The Dragonborn eventually finds Dunyick dead from his injuries. The former should then eliminate the bandits that attacked the latter. The bandits are located in an unmarked camp south-east of Dunyick's camp.

After eliminating the bandits, the quest is complete and the Dragonborn receives Faelor as a pet. The pet wolf returns to Dunyick's Camp if she is dismissed afterwards.

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