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• 4/17/2014

Elder Scrolls: Sload's Thrassian Plague vs. Argonia's Knahaten Flu

So... ever since I heard of something called the Knahaten Flu, I can't help but to think that it is another version of the Sload's Thrassian Plague.
So which do you think of the two that is far more deadlier biological disease in the Elder Scrolls universe? Feel free to give your answers and opinions about it here.
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• 4/16/2014


After watching a show a few years ago called Monster Quest and about the same time of watching a video that went viral, I came to the conclusion that what I was seeing is totally different from the mythical creature.
These beings are considered to be the boogyman of Mexico, but here in Texas they are considered a new species of canine.
The video I watched was one caught from a police dash cam, showing the possible existance of this creature, or new species of canine. I find this to be amazingly cool and freightning at the same time.
What are your theroies on this mythical beast that seems to elude us all?
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• 4/15/2014

Parallel Universes

So there was one thing bugging me after I watched a program in National Geographic.
It's about parallel universes, the theory that states that there is a different reality of our world in a different universe.
Like there's a reality where Germany won the second world war and everything changed, or another reality where everything was futuristic like in the Mass Effect universe.
Any thoughts about Parallel Universes and their nature?
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